USA, been there done a lot

I’m in Iceland right now, waiting for my plane for Sweden to leave. I just left New York City after 3 months in the states.

I’m really tired because I haven’t been resting on this trip, oh no. I’ve been jetlagged 6 times, travelled back and forth, met hundreds of peope, made tons of new friends (could definetely weigh tons if you put them all together, yes, for sure), interviewed a lot of interesting queers in differents cities and of course, had a lot of fatty american food and gone shopping.

These are the cities I’ve been to:

New York City


New Hampshire (Boston but did’nt see much except it’s big and looks like a city I had in a scary dream, dark and intimidating)



Portland, Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast

Ashland (on my way down to San Fransisco. Cute/scary town in the mountains in California)

San Fransisco

Oklahoma City, Tuls

a, Stillwater, Ponca City in Oklahoma



(then back to San Fransisco and Oakland for 2 weeks, then back to New York City for 8 days)


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